Parisian Pique-nique

Enjoy the fresh air of Spring in the best way possible with our 'Parisian Pique-nique' box, prepared to order and filled with some of our favourite French delights. Whether it be enjoyed in Kings Domain Park across the road from Entrecôte or with a loved one in the comfort of your own back yard - the choice is yours.

Sample menu only, seasonal changes may occur - Vegetarian option also available.


For two people

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Give it that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’ and hire our Parisian bistro tables and chairs when you purchase one of our Pique-nique boxes.

We also have foldable picnic tables for hire or you can purchase one of our red picnic rugs! Hiring equipment is for two hours only, T&C's apply.

As per government ruling groups are to be no more than ten people from two seperate households.

Frequently asked questions

How can we hire your bistro tables and chairs?

You will need to order via our booking page here - All information including costs and terms are written there so read carefully!


Can we just hire the tables and chairs?

No, atm you must also purchase one of our Pique-nique boxes to be able to hire our bistro/picnic settings.

How many people can we have, seats can we hire?

As per govt rules, ten seats & five tables is the maximum that we allow you to hire. Please adhere to the social restrictions - be aware that groups can not be any more than two households. Police may be patrolling the area and ask for identification.


Will you set it up for us?

 NO. We are simply hiring the furniture to you, where you put it is your responsibility. Our staff are not permitted to leave.


How long can we hire it for?

All hire is for a maximum of 2 hours, it must be returned on time so we can clean and disinfect it for the next customers!


Do you deliver food to our picnic?

NO. we do NOT service the park - all Pique-nique boxes and any other food can be purchased at our Corner Store.. we do not service the park as this is a public space!


 What days do you hire and do picnics?

EVERY DAY!!!! so watch the weather and BOOK ONE IN X X


When is your R18 Lemônade stand open?



HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!!! ~ Mr. Jones

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