Light up the candles and turn on the French jazz because Entrecôte is coming to YOU. That's right, you can now enjoy our famous steak and green sauce in the comfort of your own home with our 'Entrecôte at Home' bag:

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What's in the bag?

  • 2 x Pre-grilled Angus Porterhouse steaks

  • 2 x Pomme Anna Potato

  • Soft leaves salad w/ radish & walnuts

  • Our secret herb green sauce (contains nuts)

  • Entrecôte steak seasoning 

  • Salad dressing

  • Dijon mustard

  • 4 x French butter

  • ½ Ned’s Bake Baguette

  • Mousse au Chocolat

Instructions on ‘how to’ prepare your #frenchanndfuckingfabulous experience.

Two courses for two people $89.90

Available for pick-up from
Entrecôte, South Yarra
every Friday or Saturday


pre-orders open 10am each Saturday
and must be placed by 1pm each Friday

pre-orders open 10am each Sunday
must be placed by 1pm each Saturday

See below for Mr. Jones' step-by-step instructional video on how to prepare your 'Entrecôte at Home' bag.

Or download a pdf of the instructions here.

Mr. Jones Cooks Entrecôte at Home

Frequently Asked Questions


Will the steak travel?

Our ‘Entrecôte at Home’ bag comes ‘à La Minute’ and just needs to be finished off at home so when you serve it, it will be hot, cooked, ready to eat.


I’m not a good cook, how do I finish-off my steak?

The beauty of it, you don’t have to be a good cook. We have prepared simple step-step instructions here as well as Mr. Jones video tutorial here.


How long will this take to cook at home? 

Our ‘Entrecôte at Home’ bag will take approximately 20 minutes, depending on how you like your steak cooked. See instructions here for cooking times and details.


Do I need a kitchen?

Yes, you will need an oven, as well as a pot of boiling water to prepare our ‘Entrecôte at Home’ bag. See here for detailed instructions.


How long can I keep the bag refrigerated before consuming?

As our steak is pre-grilled we recommend consuming it within 24 hours, however you can keep it refrigerated for up to two days before consuming.


Can I get an additional serving for one?

Yes, we have servings for one available for $54,9 through the same ordering platform, click here to order.


Do you do delivery?

We are not currently offering delivery but may be soon! Watch this space.


Can I pick up on any other day apart from Friday/Saturday?

Our only pick-up times for our Entrecôte at Home bag is Friday or Saturday between 3:30pm—6pm


Can I place an order two weeks in advance?

No, right now we are only accepting orders for the same week. Orders open 10am each Saturday.


What is the cut-off time for orders?

Cut-off times for ordering is Friday 1pm for Friday orders and Saturday 1pm for Saturday orders.


Why don’t you offer frites with the bag?

Most home kitchens don’t have a commercial fryer, so we are offering our ‘pomme anna’ instead which can be cooked in any home oven.


Do you have any other sauce available?

Our specialty is our secret herb and butter green sauce and that is the main sauce we offer with our steak. We do have dijon mustard as an extra condiment included in the bag.


I have a fryer at home, can I have frites instead of the pomme anna?

We are not offering any alterations to our bag orders at the moment but perhaps we will add more products if they are requested.


Can I order the bag cooked and ready to serve?

We are not currently offering this at the moment as our kitchen is at a limited capacity.


Is your steak sauce gluten-free?

Yes it is, it is not vegetarian as it does contain anchovy. 


Do you have any vegetarian options available?

Order as usual, and state in the notes how many vegetarian swap outs are required. eg. 1 x vego - We currently will be replacing our steak with our Mushroom and leek pithivier for vegetarian options.


Can I order the sauce without the steak?

Our ‘Entrecôte at Home’ bag is sold as a package and not sold separately.

I have changed my plans, can I cancel my order?

No, we currently do not offer refunds for cancellations. Please email for any special requests.


Do you have any other questions?


Please fill in the form below if you have any questions or give us a call on +613 9804 5468 for anything urgent.

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